Kepler’s Dream

“An unforgettable cast of characters… utterly satisfying.” —Kirkus Reviews

Brownrigg’s Young Adult Novel “Kepler’s Dream,” published under penname Juliet Bell, was released as a motion picture in December of 2017.

When eleven-year-old Ella learns she has to spend the summer with her eccentric grandmother in Albuquerque, her heart sinks. Ella may be funny, and brave in helping her mom deal with cancer, but she isn’t sure she’s tough enough to face “The GM” and her old adobe house with its hundred peacocks.

On reaching the House of Mud, Ella finds things even worse than she expected: Mrs. Von Stern lives up to her name, seeming to care more about her collection of books than about her own granddaughter. Worried about her mom, far away from home, Ella settles in to what will probably be the worst summer of her life.

But gradually Ella befriends Rosie, whose father works for the GM, and when a valuable book, Kepler’s Dream of the Moon, is stolen from her grandmother’s amazing library, Ella and Rosie decide to try to root out the thief. Finding the book, and understanding why it means to so much to her grandmother, could even help Ella repair some old tear in the fabric of her family.


Available is hardcover, paperback and e-book.