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“Sylvia Brownrigg’s new novel Pages for Her is a sequel to her 2001 book Pages for You in which a 17-year-old young female student, Flannery, falls passionately in love with an older woman, Anne Arden, a teaching assistant, at Yale University. In this new novel set 20 years on, Flannery, now a novelist, a mother and married to a man sixteen years her senior, is given the chance to meet her former lover again. Sylvia joins Jenni to discuss sequels, motherhood and bisexuality.”


Podcast: What’s Up Bainbridge: 


Simon Savidge Interviews Sylvia Brownrigg




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“The novel cannily examines what happens when the life you have is not what you pictured in your teens or twenties, and how our formative experiences take on new meaning with the passage of time.” –ajpunch

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“A lot has changed since Pages for You, Brownrigg’s novel of teacher-student lesbian romance, was published in 2001 — both for the world and for its lovers. Marriage is legal for all in this belated sequel, but by now Flannery and Anne have both been married to men. Flannery is a novelist, wife, and mother, but old love flares up when she joins a panel moderated by Anne, now a prominent Yale scholar. As sharp as the original if more purplish of prose, Page for You is a fascinating bookend that’s sturdy enough to stand on its own.” —Boris Kacka, Vulture