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Pages for Her

“A complex portrait of two women’s sexuality . . . an absolute pleasure.” -Alice Sebold

Novel to be published summer 2017 by Picador in the UK, and Counterpoint Press in the US.

What happens to the love of your life if you’ve lived most of your life without her?

Pages for Her is the story of two women, Flannery and Anne, each at a personal turning point, and the circumstances that lead to their reunion. Twenty years after their brief but passionate affair, chronicled in Brownrigg’s earlier novel Pages for You, Flannery has the chance once again to meet Anne, who opened young Flannery up to the possibility of love—then left her heartbroken.

Having long ago put their love behind them, they live now on opposite coasts. Anne has been in a deep, childless partnership with a fellow scholar Jasper, who recently left her. Flannery, to her own surprise, married a charismatic artist named Charles, with whom she has a young daughter. Submerged by her husband’s demands and personality and her adjustment to motherhood, Flannery has lost sight of her self and her work. When the two women meet at a conference, they find that the passion and understanding between them has endured, though it has been hidden. In rediscovering each other, they are able to rediscover themselves.

Pages for Her is an exhilarating, passionate work that explores marriage, sexuality, and the transformative power of love over time.




Available in hardcover, paperback and e-book.



Sylvia Brownrigg is the author of several acclaimed works of fiction: four novels, including Pages for You and The Delivery Room; a collection of short stories Ten Women Who Shook the World; and a book for middle-grade readers, Kepler’s Dream, now being turned into a feature film.

“Completely engrossing… In this intense, compelling novel, Sylvia Brownrigg writes vividly about passion rekindled in mid-life with the force of a tsunami. Pages for Her, the sequel to Pages for You, stands as a beautiful testament to human complexity, reminding us that fierce love comes in many forms, none of them mutually exclusive.” -Claire Messud

“Nuanced, assured, and razor-sharp, Pages for Her is both a bittersweet story about rekindled love and a profound meditation on what it means to be alive.” -Christina Baker Kline

Pages for Her takes on all the Big Questions in women’s lives: what it means to have “enough” in love, sex, work, motherhood; what we deserve; what we long for; how we get trapped; how we can break free. I found myself reading with pen in hand, compelled to underline both Brownrigg’s gorgeous prose and her astute insights.” –Peggy Orenstein, author Girls & Sex: Navigating the Complicated New Landscape

“Sylvia Brownrigg’s Pages for Her is a complex portrait of two women’s sexuality… In Pages for Her, Brownrigg gives us two accomplished women who, coming together after decades apart, understand that truth laid bare is best beguiled.” –Alice Sebold

“With Pages for Her, Sylvia Brownrigg has achieved the seemingly impossible, a gorgeous and piercing book that is both a huge gift to the many readers who loved its predecessor Pages for You and an exquisitely intelligent stand-alone novel about the intertwined arcs of time and love. ” –Ann Packer

“With Pages for Her, Brownrigg does open-heart surgery, probing the deep chamber where unfinished love resides, untouchable by time, still beating.” –Carol Anshaw